Almex System Technology Asia

Almex System Technology Asia

ALMEXasta kiosk solution / kiosk payment system is a supplier of comprehensive asta kiosk solution systems and almex kiosk payment systems for a multitude of applications. Our main products are Interactive Kiosk, hotel management systems, customer management systems, sales management systems, reception and information display systems, and video distribution systems (content service). Hence, our customer base is diverse. Our ASTA kiosk solution serve hotels of all types, hospitals, other medical facilities, golf courses, and many other businesses.

asta kiosk solution almex kiosk payment system - self ordering e menu system, self check in check out hotel kiosk system and hospital patient registration kiosk system

Additionally, Almex has grown steadily since its inception in 1966. Throughout the years, we have concentrate on three business domains. Firstly, the products and kiosk payment systems for the business operations of large hospitals. Secondly, the administrative systems and kiosk payment systems for boutique hotels. Lastly, the kiosk payment systems for golf course operators. By offering innovative products and ideas, we have an establishment in leading market shares in all three domains.

Also, Almex offers client companies an integrated lineup of support and services extending from the entry points to the exit points of their customers. Everyone at our company is committing in using this capability to be a powerful partner to assist the growth of our customers. This is why we are focused on growing from within, continuing to earn the trust of customers, and remaining a reliable company that is a necessary member of society. Our determination to acheive a sustainable growth in our corporate value underpins the goals.


Almex kiosk payment System/asta kiosk solution

First of all, Denetron International (S) Pte Ltd was in fact established in 1985 in order to represent and distribute Electronics Components. In addition, Denetron also provides Hardware in order to cater to the needs of many manufacturing companies and their contract manufacturers in Singapore as well as the surrounding regions. In conclusion, in this case. As a result, we are a trustable company. Thus, do take a look at our systems. Denetron are able to provide our customers with customized Asta kiosk solution, Almex asta Kiosk payment Systems, asta kiosk solution; Cable to take full advantage of the cost savings that Denetron Almex payment system can provide.
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