Automated Kiosk System

Automated Kiosk System

Hotel Kiosk System

Automated Kiosk System for Hotel (Front Desk)

  • Faster business operation. hotel kiosk
  • Reduce front desk congestion.
  • Credit card only.
  1. Firstly, byChecking the reservation by using the reservation number or QR code automated kiosk
  2. Secondly,Identitying verification possible with NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) or Passport
  3. Thirdly, theRegistration of the immigration card is possible
  4. Next,Credit card payment available (2016 year-end build-in function)
  5. Next, beingAble to issue the room keycard (Multiple quantities possible)
  6. Then, beingAble to issue receipts as well as various kinds of tickets
  7. Then,Additional settlement as well as room keycard collection during check-out is possible
  8. Lastly, beingAble to interconnect with various hotel computers using the Automated Kiosk System for hotel

Hospital Integration System

Registration Kiosk & Payment Kiosk(automated kiosk)

Automatic Returning Patient Reception Unit
It is able to return patients receive a reception number automatically by simply inserting a hospital ID card in the reception unit. Therefore, automating this procedure actually helps reduce workload of employees at medical facilities.

Automated Kiosk Front Desk System (Hospital Integration System)
Automated Kiosk System actually improves the speed and efficiency of accounting and other hospital operations. ALMEX has in fact installed automatic payment systems at more than 500 medical facilities throughout the entire Japan. Hence, this experience can give us the know-how needed for the trouble-free installation and operation of these systems.

Table-Top Ordering System

TTO (Table-top Ordering System), E-menu System(automated kiosk)

The touch panel makes it easy to place restaurant orders as well as to supply fortune telling, games, other content and even show advertisements.

In addition, the inclusion of FeliCa contactless IC card compatibility allow the units to be used as a new type of interactive tool.

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