Self-ordering System

Main Function

Most noteworthy, self ordering / e menu system

 self ordering e meny system step 1 self ordering e menu systemDurability, thin and light design with a special case which includes a drip-proof function

  • Most of all,Easy to hold that is because of the embossed processing
 self ordering e menu system step 2 With the latest CPU and flexible customizability

  • Firstly,Using Android OS, intuitive operability and a variety of functions
  • Secondly,Application implementation is another possibility
 self ordering e menu system step 3 Boost spending per customer by “PUSH” type menu

  • Thirdly,According to the customer’s trend, an increase in sales can be acheived with the creation of the “PUSH” type menu
  • Then,Not only to reduce labor costs, also to raise sales and branding.
 self ordering e menu system step 4 Long battery life

  • Long battery lifespan while it can be operated even on tables that are difficult for the electrical outlet wiring
self ordering e menu system step 5 IC chip-mounting

  • Additionally,It allows member registration and customer management of the IC chip
  • WhileOn the other hand, increase in operational efficiency to be expected easy
 self ordering e menu system step 6 “Choose Together”,  equipped with easily seen and beautiful HD display of 178-degree viewing angle
self ordering e menu system step 7 Four languages support

  • As a result,Customers are able to select the language on the screen and then start using them

Self Ordering System Specification

Size 285mm(W) x 203mm(H) x 17.5mm(D)
Weight 940g
OS Android
Display 10.1 TFT Touch Screen (1,280 x 800: WXGA)


For Self Ordering System, we have:

  • Therefore, Floor Manager

Self ordering / E Menu Systems include all functions and analysis capabilities needed at check-out counters.

  • Waiting System

Smartly designed system assures smooth reception as well as payment
*For equipment specifications are subject to change without notice


In the first place, not to mention that self ordering e menu System from Denetron International (S) Pte Ltd was in fact established in 1985 as a matter of fact in order to represent and distribute Electronics Components. In addition, Denetron also provides Hardware comparatively in order to cater to the needs of many manufacturing companies and their contract manufacturers in Singapore as well as the surrounding regions. In conclusion, self ordering e menu system in this case. As a result, we are a trustable company. Thus, do take a look at our self ordering e menu System.


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